Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birthday Party

Almost (but not quite!) as good as having your own birthday party is attending one! Lauren's friend Lauren Jang turned one years old a couple weeks ago and invited the whole gang to her party at Rolly Pollies. Thanks Lieny for the invite and the pics (below). We had a great time!

Group photo at the party. Although Lauren is only 1 years old, her big sister Evana also invited her "big girl" friends so Natalie also had other kids to play with at the party.
The two Laurens at the snack table together. Love the little hat on Lauren J.
The Laurens and mums share a photo opp.
There were a lot of activities to do at the party. This big pit of red sponges is great for jumping into!
You can swing from the monkey bars (altho Lauren decided she was too small still).
You can glide down the ramp on the car (or just sit around and watch others do it, like Lauren)
You can sit under the parachute and sing songs as it flutters around.

You can pull yourself up to a standing position by holding the climbing equipment.
And most fun of all, you can swwwiiiiiiinnng yourself on the zip wire into the red sponges pit.

After play time, it's snack time! Even Lauren had a little plate of baby-appropriate treats.
All in all, a great party!

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