Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's the funnest time of year again for the kids... Hallowe'en! What could be more fun than dressing up and eating lots and lots of candy? Below are some photos of the girls and their cousins Nicholas and Michael in costume.

Our girls Lauren and Natalie: the Pumpkin and the Fairy!
Happy Hallowe'en family and friends!
Lauren kept trying to pull off her hat so we had to squeeze in some quick photos.
Natalie the fairy is flying!
Michael is a pumpkin, too but he's a standing one.
Lauren and Natalie smiling with cousin Michael while Nicholas hangs in the back.
Michael has something in his mouth and Lauren is trying to figure out what he's eating and whether she can steal it from him.
While Nicholas and Natalie watching some TV, we played dress up Lauren and Michael. Michael didn't like being a duck as much as a pumpkin.
Poor Michael... so cute though!