Saturday, October 29, 2011

More weekends, more presents

Natalie is excited when weekends arrive because, although she loves school, weekends mean having the chance to open her presents cupboard, carefully examine each wrapped gift and choosing one to open. Thank you to the Huas and to the Hills for gifts opened last week and this week.

Thank you Uncle Kevy, Auntie V, Toby and Caleb for the wonderful girlie cook book and cookie cutters. How did you know Natalie loves to bake?

She helps to make a classic banana bread like this one. We've made it 4 times already and she is super helpful mashing bananas, mixing eggs, creaming the butter and sugar together, and shaking the sifter (and squishing the little flour balls).
Also a big thank you to Olivia and the Ma Hill family for the lovely card and beautiful long dress. It's super comfortable and a perfect "weekend" dress. She wore it just today :)

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