Monday, November 21, 2011

Hallowe'en Cupcakes

This is waaaaaaay past due (about a month now) but wanted to give a big thank you to Debbie and Natalie's Olivia for inviting us to decorate cupcakes with them at grEAT. It was tons of fun! Thanks also to Bern for the great pics :)

The mums and girls who participated.

The girls help to fill the cupcake tins with delicious valhrona chocolate cupcake batter.
All of us paying rapt attention to the "teacher".
Natalie watching closely as the "teacher" creates chocolate ears for her owl cupcake.

Natalie with her three cupcakes: a monster, a skeleton and an owl.
Back home, Natalie digs in to the skeleton. The owl was for me and the monster was for Clark :)

Natalie shows off her dirty post-cupcake mouth.

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