Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pics of Lauren

Below are photos of Lauren from over the past month. She's now 13 months old and growing fast!

Lauren with her hair parted and combed to the side.
Looking goofy.
Naked baby after a bath. She has the softest skin!
Remnants of tears in her left eye. Her hair is brushed to the side.
Full-on bangs -- I think her face may be too round (not long enough) for bangs just yet. Here she is hanging out with me at Shangri La buffet. She loves to stand and gets impatient strapped into a high chair during long meals.
This is what I see when Lauren crawls over and wants to be picked up.
One of Lauren's ugly expressions... maybe her gums were itchy? She's a slow walker because, as you can see, she prefers to climb over walking. We try to bring her to the other side of the walker, but she'll just crawl back around and climb up again.
Looking puzzled in her sleep.
More peaceful sleep. I'm jealous of her long eyelashes.
Sleeping like a baby...

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