Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy and Healthy

Over the past few weeks, both Natalie and Lauren went through a period where they were  both sick.  Lauren had a cold / flu and Natalie's fever was so high that she was admitted to the hospital for 4 days. 

Our sick girls sitting together on the sofa, looking sad. 

Natalie was diagnosed with severe sinusitis and was required to have her sinuses surgically flushed and grommets inserted into each ear.  Here we've just checked into the hospital.

 Natalie gets ready for surgery by wearing socks, a gown and a funny mushroom hat.  She lost so much weight over the past month that she looked super skinny in the thin gown.

Big smiles on our way down to the operating theater.

Ready for the anesthesiologist!  I accompanied her inside the operating theater, but was required to leave after she was asleep. 

Natalie looking dopey after the surgery.  It was a success!

 Natalie's room overlooks a perfect view of the Happy Valley racecourse.  It was a Wednesday night, so we were able to see the horses race that night (good timing!)  Here Porpor came by for a brief visit and enjoyed the view.

Just a couple hours after the surgery, Natalie is looking cheerful and energetic.

And she had a BIG appetite, eating congee, noodles, peanut butter bread and a whole bowl of steamed eggs. 

We are so happy that our girls are happy and healthy now :)

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  1. You're such a brave girl Natalie! We're very happy to hear you're all well now.