Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lauren's Antics

Now that she's almost 1 year and 4 months old, Lauren has been learning and doing a lot more.  A big milestone she's finally reached is... she can walk!  Below are videos and photos of Lauren.


See Video 378 of Lauren smiling and walking.

See Video 379 of Lauren dancing with her cousin Michael.  There's swaying, twisting, clapping and pelvic thrusts.

Also see Video 380 of Lauren laughing manically at Mud, one of the two cats we babysit for a few weeks.

At this age, Lauren loves to make a mess.  Watch Video 381 she throws and scatter markers on the floor and laughs about it.

Also see Video 382 of Lauren laughing while Clark motorboats her chubby neck.


Lauren now likes to sit at the "kids table" with the other kids as opposed to being confined in the highchair.  Here, the kids enjoy breakfast with their Porpor.

Sometimes Lauren likes to fuss at the dinner table.  When Carol Yee-yee firmly told her "no more complaining", Lauren put on her sad face and looked around the room for support (she did this for about 30 silent seconds). When she got no support, she resumed eating.  

Lauren lets Serena Yee-yee hold her and even gave us a little smile.

Ignorance is bliss: Lauren cheerfully playing at the docs, waiting for a shot (MMR vaccine).

It hit 7 oC in Hong Kong a couple days ago.  Brrr!  To stay warm, Lauren wore Clark's hat and put on a pink faux fur shrug.

Here is Lauren posing and fascinated with Mud the cat.  She was constantly following Mud around.  The cats have since returned home with Keiko, Jas, Tristan and Tyler.

Natalie puts one of her necklaces around Lauren's head like a headband.  Lauren didn't quite know what to make of it, but didn't mind it.

One of Lauren's funny faces. 

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