Monday, January 9, 2012

Nainai and Yehyeh

Safe travels to Nainai and Yehyeh who flew to Taiwan on Saturday.  It was soooo nice to have them with us  in Hong Kong over Christmas and New Years.  Natalie and Lauren loved spending time with their grandparents and we all enjoyed we hanging out together!

Little Wangettes securely hugged in a taxi on our way to lunch with Clark.

While waiting to be seated, Nainai and Yehyeh take the matching sisters n for a walk around Jardine House's lobby.

Natalie was such a great big sister holding Lauren's hand and trying to encourage her to walk more.  Lauren was so excited to be wearing shoes and walking around.

Everyone was so happy to be out and about.

 Grandparents and grand kids pose by the Christmas tree.  What a merry Christmas!

We look forward to seeing Nainai in March!

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