Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Videos and Photos Catch-up

Still playing catch-up of the past couple months, sorry!  See more videos and photos below:


Video 386 - Lauren giggling as Clark swings her around.

Video 387 - Natalie and cousin Vanessa's "penguin" silly walk.

Video 388 - Natalie pushing Lauren around in a chair (they both love it and it's great to see them playing together).

Video 389 - Lauren copying big sister.  She copies almost everything Natalie does now.

Video 390 - Natalie singing the frog song in Mandarin.

Video 391 - Natalie and cousin Nicholas at tennis lessons.

Video 392 - Lauren and Natalie play and flub with their lips.


8 kids mesmerized by the television.

Cousins cluster around a window.

Lauren laughing with Nainai.

Nainai with her grand-daughters.

Natalie challenges Clark to a game of connect four.

A food butterfly Natalie learned to make from Disney Junior TV channel.

She had a lot of fun making it, but still didn't eat the veggies.

Kids stretching after tennis lessons.  Michael is also there copying the big kids.

Natalie and Lauren play with their tongues together.

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