Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Final catch-up

Below are the "last" few videos and photos to get this blog back up to speed :)  As you can see, we've now moved to a new apartment to make room for baby #3 and we are really enjoying our new home.

See video 393 of Lauren identifying her own body parts such as eyes, hair and belly button. She loves this game.

See video 394 of Lauren smiling a fake smile on command.

Lauren loves to be upside-down and does this all the time now.

For some reason she finds it really funny.

Six beautiful girls: Natalie, Lauren, their cousins Vanessa and Victoria and Natalie's good friend Olivia with little sister Sophie. 

Two sisters reading quietly on the sofa together.  Love it.

Wang Gang picnic at Cyberport.

Cutie pie, Lauren.

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