Monday, July 9, 2012

School Award for Natalie

I wonder if this only happens in Asia - Natalie was very happy to win an award from her school for "politeness".  Being a very polite young lady, Natalie received the award along with a select number of students from her class at a special awards ceremony during the second last week of school. This is her second award (she won one last year, too) and she now has two trophies to show for her lady-like behaviour. Photos below:

Natalie's class and one other class of "polite" students on stage receiving their trophy awards.

The head teacher shook each of their hands before presenting the trophies the the students.

This is what we had to push through (the parental mosh pit!) to attend the award and take pictures.

Natalie has a huge, proud smile when coming off the stage.

Later, the K2F class poses with Zhan Laoshi their teacher and their awards. 

Outside, we pose some more.  The kids were super cute shouting "Yay!" as we took the photos.

Both Clark and I were able to take time off work to attend the award ceremony.  We're so proud :)


  1. Congratulations and well deserved Natalie! You are definitely the politest little girl I've ever known!

  2. well done natalie! i cant think of anyone else more polite than you!