Sunday, August 5, 2012

Before They Go...

The girls are now spending the summer in Canada with their grandparents and cousins and having a blast, but before they left...

We celebrated Natalie's actual birthday with a cookie n' cream frozen yoghurt cake with her cousins.

Moved to a new apartment in Pokfulam and went swimming every week. Natalie especially loved using her new mermaid towels from Canada.

Went to a dance class with cousins and learned to skip.

Had her friends over to play in their new playroom.

Helped to look after little cousin Nicholas over a weekend while hanging with "super dads".

Lauren took naps together with cousin Michael.

Had a picnic at Cyberport with cousins.

Threw rocks into the fountain with cousin Nicholas.

While Lauren played with a ball and enjoyed the sun.

Posed for a photo with me.

Took a few more taxi rides.

Posed for photos with Clark. 

 Slurped noodles.

Played a the park at the peak.

Ate some giant New York friends (ok, these were fake, but we did eat the real ones, too!)

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