Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer in Canada

Natalie and Lauren are now spending the summer in Canada with their grandparents and their cousins.  They are having such a good time, they don't even want to talk on the phone or facetime with us!  Besides summer camp, here's a glimpse at some of the other great experiences they're having...

Natalie making home-made raisin bread in a bread-maker.

Natalie going to chucky cheese with cousins.

Lauren enjoying fresh, summer strawberries with cousin Elise.

Natalie playing on the monkey bars.

Natalie and Lauren dressed alike with cousins Elise and Abby, and posing with Nai-nai.

Natalie in the dinosaur room at Grand River hospital getting checked.

Lauren at the petting zoo getting close with chickens.

Lauren feeding baby goats carrot sticks.

Natalie also feeding the animals with celery and carrot sticks.

Lauren passing out in car seats between adventures with cousin Michael.

Natalie popping her head out of the sunroof with cousin Nicholas.

Lauren learning to putt.

Natalie practicing her golf swing.

Natalie with her cousins hugging each other for comfort as they approach the "dark tunnel" train ride.

Natalie flying high with cousin Vanessa in a ride at Woodbine Center.

 Natalie having her face painted with cousins. She's a butterfly!

Lauren riding the tiniest merry-go-round ever.

Cuddling and giving kisses to a happy Por-por with cousins.

Playing at the park with cousin Michael.

Natalie jumping and hanging with cousins.

Lauren creating chalk art.

Riding bikes in the backyard in Toronto with Gong-gong.

Lauren playing rope with cousin Michael.

Look at the cute smiles!

Visiting the fire station with cousins.

Natalie "driving" the fire truck at the fire station.

Posing with cousins and the truly wonderful and patient firemen at the fire station.

Sitting in the ambulance and getting their finger pulse checked by the paramedic.

Natalie wrapping home-made dumplings with Yeh-yeh, Nai-nai, Por-por and cousins.

Swimming together with cousins in the backyard mini pool.

Visiting the library and posing with cut-outs.

Natalie liked being the princess (Lauren didn't know what she was).

Natalie and her cousins checking out twenty books and reading them together at home.

Sisters playing on the see-saw in Waterloo together.

Playing at the public splash pad on a hot summer's day.  

Now THAT's how to spend your Canadian child-hood summers.


  1. I agree it looks like they're having SO much fun! I miss TO!

  2. so much fun!! that explains why they didn;t need to talk to you on skype!! hahahaa