Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back in Hong Kong

The girls returned to Hong Kong end of August and we've missed them SO MUCH!  They are so fun to have around and we love having them home.  So, what have they been up to lately?

I took the girls out the day after they returned for some breakfast (and jet-lag curing sunshine) at the neighborhood McDonald's.

See Video 396 of Lauren and Natalie being silly and having fun together while out to breakfast at McDonald's.

The girls enjoyed napping on our bed as they recovered from jet-lag.

Natalie will be a flower girl at a wedding soon.  Here she is trying on a potential dress for her big role!  The back has a nice big, pink ribbon.

Here's the side and front view. More pink bows and ribbons!

 Of course, Lauren had to get in on the "pretty dress" action, too.

Our pretty girls standing together.  Natalie is a great older sister and always tries to help Lauren and gives in to her.

Now that the kids are back from summer holidays, some weekends can get pretty "kid crazy".  We always seem to have about 10 kids over at our place now!  It's tiring but we love it :)

Now that we live at Pokfulam Gardens, we have a pool just downstairs and the kids love swimming = bonus!  Here the Hua's (Toby and Caleb) stopped by for a dip in the pool with Natalie, Nicholas and Lauren.

With Summer over, it's back to school for Natalie.  Here the girls share a hug in the morning before Natalie heads off to the school bus.

On another day, the girls sit together while waiting for Natalie's school bus.  Lauren will begin school herself on Oct 1 (when she turns two years old).

While Natalie gets tutored at Debbie Yee-yee's house with her friend Olivia, Lauren hangs out with Olivia's little sister (3 year old) Sophie who kindly shares her cheerios and biscuits.

Later, look at the concentration on their faces as they try to figure out what this big toy does.

Natalie and Lauren have also been getting re-acquainted with Aunties and Uncles (our friends).  Here they are out for a stroll with Vivo Yee-yee.

We bought a new house!  One of Natalie's new toys from Canada is this 3-storey doll house.  It fits her numerous barbie toys.  Here Vanessa, Victoria and Natalie pose beside the house they all "helped" assemble.

Natalie says, "Thank you, Ba-ba, for making me my new toy!"


  1. nat's looking so pretty in the flower girl dress!! love how lauren is checking herself out in the mirror!!

  2. Your 2 are going to be beautiful flower girls!