Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nicholas' Birthday Party at Jumpin' Gym

On September 16, cousin Nicholas had his 4-year birthday party at Jumpin' Gym.  Of course, the kids loved it and had a great time playing, snacking, and eating sweets and cake!

Also, on this day Clark organized a special father-daughter outing with Natalie and took her to see the bubble show :)

Look at the excitement.

Carol, that is the most awesome robot cake we've ever seen!

This cotton candy was even bigger before the kids (and adults) dug into it.

Look at the excitement.  Kids and ball pits are a match made in parental heaven.

Lauren also got into the ball pit fun.

Lauren was given free reign with the cheetos and shared 2 bowls with her cousin Michael.  After she finished, she looked at her fingers and said, "Dirh-tee!" and needed them to be cleaned.

All-in-all, a great party!  Well organized, Carol Yee-yee!

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