Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cousins Time!

While we were in the hospital with Ashley, our "big girls" Natalie and Lauren spent a lot of time with Lisa and Carol Yee-yee and, of course, hanging with their cousins.  Thanks Lisa and Carol for taking care of our girls and sending through the great photos!

Lauren taking a bubble bath with Vanessa and Victoria.

Natalie taking a bubble bath with Nicholas and Michael.

Lauren playing connect four with Vanessa.

Natalie playing with Victoria and Nicholas.  Natalie plays super well with all her cousins and seems to get along with all of them.

Everyone watching tv and enjoying a yummy popsicle.

Lauren playing at the park.  She's an independent player and will climb up and slide down by herself.

Natalie just hanging around at the park.

"Big" cousins lego class.  Only Natalie, Vanessa, Victoria and Nicholas were able to attend this 90-minute lego "class" purchased via groupon.

Natalie posing with her lego creation.

Breakfast at Lisa's.

The cousins all made fun pancake shapes and gobbled them up!

During dinner time, the kids were playing "Do you like...?" and if you liked it, you had to raise your hand.  Even Michael played!  (But Lauren was too cool.)

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