Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pre-Ashley Stragglers

Whoops, found a few more photos from before Ashley was born.  Here they are below:

Beware of crocs!  Poor Nicholas got his shoe trapped and dragged inside an escalator step and was very fortunate to escape almost injury-free except for a nasty cut on his big toe.  No more crocs for our kids!  If you must wear them, keep them away from the sides of the escalator steps.

Thanks to my colleagues Claudia, Elna, Michelle and Pieter for the super cute mini Juicy Couture onesies!  

A self-portrait of Natalie and I taken by Natalie - nice shot, Nat!

Toby stopped by with his Ba-ba Kevy to drop off a nice birthday present for Lauren.  Lauren love Toby.  Here they share a farewell hug. Look how happy Lauren is.

While at tea with Viv, JC and Serena, Natalie spent time scavenging for dropped flowers at Pacific Place.  She was quite pleased with her collection and put the petals to float in a cup of water when we got home.

Dave impressing the kids while at A-List brunch at Zuma (post boys trip to Taiwan).

Lauren happily sitting with Carol yee-yee while watching big sister Natalie's swimming lessons at Stanford Swim School in Sai Wan Ho.

Ba-ba Clark bought these cool glowing drawing boards.  We drew glasses for Lauren and here she is "wearing" them.  She's got on her real sunglasses, too.  (Yes, she loves glasses!)

Ba-ba horse ride!  Both girls fit on Ba-ba's back (Natalie is hiding in the back).

Thanks also to Vivo Yee-yee and uncle Juan for the beautiful baby basket!  It's gorgeous and had some brand-new toys and blanket for the baby (instead of her sisters' hand-me-downs).

This is Lauren playing happily in the doctor's waiting room.  She had a runny nose and some congestion. Look how happy she is!

Ten minutes later, this is how she looked after crying through her steam treatment.

Clark attended a school performance at Natalie's school.  Here is Natalie dressed as the "dog" who helps to pull the giant turnip out of the ground.  According to Clark, she was super happy to see Clark attend the show :)

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