Friday, November 2, 2012

All About Ashley

Ashley is now 18 days old and has been home for 2 weeks.  Below is a video and a (large) collection of photos from her time in the hospital to home.

See Video 405 of Ashley hiccuping at just one-day old.

First photo of Ashley with her eyes open while just 1/2 day old at Matilda International Hospital.

 Lisa yee-yee with Ashley.  Thanks for visiting every day and bringing my delicious drinks, soup and rice!

Ashley asleep with furrowed brows.  Wonder what she's dreaming about...?

Sweet sleeper.

Our first photo with Ashley. 

Big sister Natalie and the cousins come to visit Ashley and here they are - proud big cousins!

Auntie VIP with Ashley. 

Ashley in her diaper and crying.  She can look pretty mad when she's crying!

Look at the size of Ashley compared with 5-month old Scarlet.  Scarlet is 3 times her size!

Ashley gets a cuddle with Mandy yee-yee.

And a cuddle with big girl Ava who turns 3 soon.

Home time!  She doesn't quite fit in her car seat....

But the crib Lauren used to use seems just fine.

Big sister Natalie carrying Ashley and studying her closely.

When we ask if Natalie likes her new little sister, she says, "Yes!" (and later we found out she told her piano teacher that she loves Ashley because Ashley looks like her).

It's another Clark...

Ashley loves this newborn sling and can sleep forever in it while we're out.

 Here big sisters Lauren and Natalie help out by gently helping to cream her after a bath.

Wang Gang girl hands.

Ashley looks teeny tiny on our queen bed.

She's a sweet little sleeper.

Ashley giving me the finger.

 Ashley sticking out her tongue.

Ashley making a funny face.

Ashley rolling her eyes. (It starts so young!)

Ashley small smile.

Big yawn from Ashley.

Natalie is a really proud big sister.  She's always asking to carry Ashley.  Lauren also loves her baby sister and is super gentle with her.
Ashley had a bit of jaundice.  It wasn't serious enough to go under the lights at the hospital, but we did give her some time under the sun.

A naked and alert Ashley enjoys the warm sunshine.
Ashley has the forehead "train tracks" like her Ba-ba Clark and big eyes.  We think her double eyelids are coming in...

Big smile from Ashley caught on camera by Lisa Yee-yee.

Ashley enjoys a cuddle from Debbie Yee-yee.

Porpor has been with us for 1.5 weeks now.  It's so great to have her here with us and helping to care for Ashley, and also spend time with Natalie, Lauren and their cousins.  She's also been helping me with post-pregnancy soups and cooking. Thanks, Porpor! 

Porpor meets Ashley for the first time.

Ashley seems to love sleeping (and burping) on Porpor's shoulder.

Porpor burping Ashley.  She's the expert burper!


  1. What a BIG smile from little Ashley, so cute!!!

  2. sweet!!! when can we come for a visit too? i love the finger...