Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A collection of Wang Gang videos and photos below:

Video 413 - Natalie recently learned to a skip (a few months ago) and now skips EVERYWHERE.

Video 414 - Lauren recently learned to run. Here she is running while Natalie skips. It's funny how Lauren waves her arms faster and thinks she is running faster :)

Video 415 - Lauren loves to sing and Natalie is a great big sister trying to teach Lauren some songs to sing for her coming school interview (in mandarin!). "Happy Birthday" is the easiest because it's a just a repeat of the same words over and over again. 

Video 416 - Watch as big sister Natalie teaches little sister Lauren the actions for "Wheels on the Bus".  Lauren has been trying really hard to sing lately so it's great she has her big sister to sing together with.

In October, Natalie's class went to the beach.  It's easy to spot Natalie because she is wearing a big purple floppy hat with polka-dots (her favorite hat) to help cover her vitiligo spots (which are currently under-going phototherapy treatments).

Natalie told us afterwards that they had to form into groups and lines and played various games on the beach.

Now that I'm on maternity leave, I can pick up Lauren and Natalie after school.  I get Lauren first, then together we walk to Natalie's school bus stop (block 2).  On sunny days, we both get to wear our sunglasses.


Ashley is now exclusively on formula (I weaned completely at 6 weeks due to thrush issues). This is what she looks like after a feed.  She has a milk beard!

Last Friday, Lauren and I went to "Ladies who Lunch" tea at Harrington's in the afternoon with Jackie, Mandy, VIP and Kat.  While there, Lauren snuck in a kiss with Lachlan.

Natalie and Lauren hold hands a lot now while we're out walking. Lauren initiates it by putting her hand in Natalie's and saying "Hand?"

Ashley is getting chubbier!  I wonder how much she'll weigh at her 2 month appointment?

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