Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy One Month, Ashley!

Happy one month, Ashley!  We can now officially count your age in months instead of weeks :)  Below are photos of the past week with Ashley. Photos from yesterday's the moon yuet banquet to come soon.

Proud Ba-ba Clark shares a cuddle with Ashley.

Vivo Yee-yee looking fresh with a new short haircut came by for a catch-up and helped me to top-up Ashley with a small bottle.

Ashley's little head still fits in my hand.

A small sleepy smile from Ashley.  She seems to enjoy sleeping on my bed more than her crib!

Getting chubbier - the cheeks are definitely coming in.

You calling me fat?

Definitely not that chubby yet - look at those skinny arms!

Ashley's nails grow super fast and we cut them about once a week.  Here she is enjoying a baby manicure with Ba-ba Clark.

This may not look comfortable, but Ashley seems to really enjoy being carried this way by Lisa Yee-yee.  She can see the world (instead of our shoulder).

Ashley's little skinny feet and long toes

Just like her Ba-ba Clark, Ashley needs to lift her eyebrows to open her eyes wide, causing forehead lines to appear.

Ashley sleeping peacefully with her hands up.

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