Monday, November 26, 2012

Natalie Skates for the First Time

Last Saturday, Natalie went skating for the very first time. Natalie always says that she "doesn't like to go fast" so I was surprised when she said she was interested to try skating, although she was probably influenced by her cousins Vanessa and Victoria who take skating lessons.  Even more surprising, I am AMAZED that she was brave enough to skate without holding my hand!  

Video 412 - Watch Natalie skating for the first time. Here she is happily skating with her cousin Nicholas (he is also a beginner skater) and this is her third time around the rink. 

Below is a photo of our skating blockade. We took up almost the whole lane for a short time (just 2 minutes) and moved at a snail's pace for the beginners, Natalie and Nicholas. 

I'm so proud of her for doing such a great job!  Now she says she wants skating lessons...

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