Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks Por-por!

On Wednesday, Por-por left to return to Canada after helping me and Ashley through the critical moon-yuet period. Thank you so much for all your help, Por-por!  We loved having you here and will miss you very much. See you in March!

Por-por spent a lot of time with Natalie and helped her to complete her homework and review her lessons.  

Por-por also got to spent more time with Lauren, especially in the mornings after big sis Natalie had left for school.

Below are two photos of Por-por holding a baby. Can you guess which baby is Natalie and which is Ashley?

Por-por also had a chance to pick up and drop-off Lauren at her new school.  Below are pics of Lauren waiting for the school doors to open in the morning.

It's great that the kindergarten puts out some toys for the kids to play with while waiting for school to start.

Por-por also witnessed Lauren's tantrum in the nearby Park n Shop. Lauren wanted to sit in the shopping cart (in the back) and we only offered her the option of sitting in the front or walking. She threw a mini tantrum and when it got nowhere, she decided she liked walking.

Por-por gave french braids to all of her grand-daughters (except Ashley who has no hair). Here the girls pose for the camera.

All the girls loved having their hair done and looking pretty.

Here is Por-por surrounded by grand-daughters...

...all five of them!

And of course Por-por spent a lot of time helping me with Ashley. I only bathed Ashley ONCE since she's been born.  Now that's Por-por's gone, I will have to touch up my how-to-bathe-new-born skillz.

See Video 411 of Ashley enjoying a bath with Por-por.

Por-por also trimmed Lauren's bangs.  Nice haircut, Lauren!

Por-por waited patiently for Ashley's little sleepy smile for this last photo before she left.

Us three sisters dropped our mom off at the airport (we brought Ashley with us) and spent a nice relaxing lunch together at the Peak Lookout.

Por-por shared a last cuddle with Ashley before boarding her flight back to Canada.  Thanks again, Por-por!

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