Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wang Gang Videos

Video 406 - Watch and listen to Lauren's giggles as she plays "Boo!" with Lisa Yee-yee.  She is super playful now.

Video 407 - We had groceries delivered and it's true, kids LOVE playing with cardboard boxes - almost more than they enjoy playing with store-bought toys!  Our big girls played with these for over 30 minutes. See photos below.

Video 408 - Watch Lauren and Michael as they fight over a toy. Carol Yee-yee has to hide behind the door frame and film the video. At the end of the fight, Michael pushes at Lauren's face and so Lauren decides to bite his hand. Poor Michael has been bitten many times by Lauren now.

Video 409 - Listen as Lauren finally learns to say her name properly (instead of "Min-min") and count to ten.

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