Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Time

So what did we get up to over the Christmas holidays this year?  Photos and videos below:

Video 420 - Lauren is only two years old and just beginning to get her first real taste of Christmas.  Here she is happily receiving presents from "Santa Claus" (really just her uncle Dave dressed up).

Video 421 - On Christmas Eve, listen as Natalie explains what needs to be done to prepare for Santa's arrival that night.

We went shopping (of course!) and briefly watched the Christmas performance at CityPlaza mall.

 We visited my office where we took a family photo (sans Ashley) with Santa - ho ho ho!

While at State Street, Natalie got to participate in various crafts and, in her own words, "I didn't have a good time. I had a GREAT time!"

Lauren also got to do some crafts with Clark's help.

Natalie had a Christmas celebration with her class. Below photos were sent from her teacher via What'sApp.

On Saturday, Dec 22, we had a Christmas party and dinner at Lisa Yee-yee's house. We had a visit from "Santa Claus" (uncle Dave) who handed out presents. 

Natalie had her nails painted in honor of the Christmas parties we were attending. Here she is showing off her pink nails with white flowers.

While at Lisa Yee-yee's, Natalie decorated gingerbread cookies from Annie Yee-yee. 

On Christmas Eve, Natalie was very excited to help prepare everything for Santa Claus, including leaving him milk, snacks and a note.

Lauren wore her new fleece jacket from Amy and Dave. Thanks Changs!

On Christmas Day, Carol, Nicholas and Michael came over to spend some family time together. Nainai and Yehyeh were with us as well (more photos to come on that).  It's so great to spend Christmas with family!

We enjoyed a Christmas lunch of turkey, stuffing, gravy, mash potatoes, grilled veggies and home-made cranberry sauce. Yum!  

And of course we opened the presents from "Santa". Natalie was super excited to receive the gift she had written to Santa about - the Mimi's bag dollhouse. She also thinks Mrs. Claus did a great job helping Santa to pick a gift for Lauren.

What did Ashley do for Christmas? She did her usual thing... sleep through!

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