Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nainai and Yehyeh

Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh were in Hong Kong with us for two weeks and it was so great for us to all spend time together, especially over the Christmas holidays! 

Ashley got extra love and attention from her Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh while they were here.  Thank you for helping to care for Ashley at night, especially when everyone was sick. 

There was a noticeable improvement in Natalie's Mandarin while Nai-nai and Yeh-yeh were here. It's amazing how easily she can flip between English and Mandarin and she's great at helping to translate for me, too!

After watching Junior MasterChef Australia, Natalie is more open to learning how to cook and she had the chance to wrap her own dumplings with Nai-nai.  The fried dumplings on the right are Natalie's own creations. 

Ashley really enjoyed her new bed of Yeh-yeh's comfortable arms and listening to his low, soothing voice.

We hope you are enjoying your trip and see you soon!

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