Monday, December 3, 2012

This Past Week

Video 417 - Lauren understands more and more everyday and has become very playful. Here she is doing a war-like cry with her Ba-ba Clark.

With two cribs (one in the living room and one in our bedroom), it's easy to keep an eye on Ashley who continues to sleep pretty much all the time. It's become a bit chillier. Here she is with a hat on in the small crib.

Ashley has become chubbier - her cheeks and double chin have begun to emerge :)

As she continues to grow, her smaller clothes no longer fit and we've been moving her to bigger sizes. Here is a super cute outfit from the Dangs.  Thanks JC and Que!

Last week, we signed Lauren up for swimming lessons at Standford Swim School. It was a big FAIL as she cried at the teacher and refused to get in the water.  

Me and my Wang girls. 

The Wang sisters are pretty in pink :)

On Friday, the girls checked out the gigantic lego exhibit at Times Square. Natalie loved the Santa lego man. There was so much to see the girls kept pointing things out to me and saying "Look!"

The girls peer out the lego house windows.

Serena Yee-yee also came for a visit on Friday.  Here she is posing with Ashley (and also Natalie and Lauren's legs).

So great to see you Serena Yee-yee!  Thanks for coming by!

On Saturday, Lauren had her K1 interview at KCS.  It was an EPIC FAIL because she refused to talk or interact with the teacher. Here she is in the play area waiting for her turn.

Natalie came along, too. This is the "waiting area" at the school. Can you spot the two sisters?

Here they are playing in one of the toy houses. Lauren screamed and cried at a little boy that tried to help her open and close the windows she had already claimed for herself.


  1. Oh Lauren I'm sure you did great, nobody could do worse than Sophie!

  2. hahaha... epic fail? you never know! wait until the results!!!