Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ashley's First Play Date

Today, Ashley got to participate in her very own play date! We visited baby Emily (who is 2 months older) at her home and baby Ella came, too, although we only got to enjoy her sleeping company. 

Ashley wore a sweet crochet hat on our way to the play date.  

Big sister Natalie and her good friend Olivia (Emily's big sis) posed with their little sisters before heading off to tutoring.

Emily is a super smiley cutie!  Look how alert Ashley is.

We only got to enjoy baby Ella's sleeping company.  Love how she can sleep on her front, even in the car seat!

While at Debbie yee-yee's house, Ashley got to play on the play mat.

And she also had the chance to try out a bumbo-sitter for the first time.

The couple shots below came from Debbie Yee-yee.  Thanks for passing these super cute pics along!

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  1. I love that little hat! So glad Em has friends of her own to play with.