Friday, January 18, 2013

Ashley Love and other happenings

Video 431- While out for a walk in a mall, Natalie, Lauren and Nicholas decided to sing "Ring a round the roses" together and do the actions.

Video 432 - While waiting for her skin-prick test at the allergist's, watch Lauren quickly figure out this puzzle. Honestly, I think she's a genius!

Lauren and I heading out to visit the doctor. If I wear my sunglasses out, she insists on wearing hers, too.

Lauren's not quite sure what to make of what Lisa yee-yee is doing to her. But she goes along with it anyway...

Ashley's cousins (and sister) all insisted on taking turns carrying her.  Here Victoria proudly looks after her baby cousin.

Proud older sist, Natalie needed a turn, too.

Nicholas is also a proud older cousin.

Smile, Michael!  Michael totally understands that Ashley is younger and smaller than he is and held her carefully. 

Great pic of Vanessa and Ashley. Even Ashley is looking at the camera with a small smile.

Finally, we got around to making, baking and decorating a Christmasy gingerbread Snoopy house with Natalie and Lauren.  Thanks "uncle" Alvin!

Lauren was super excited and happy to be decorating hers as well. I had to help squeeze the icing, but she eagerly put the candies on it.  Of course she ate while decorating, too.

Ashley has become so much fun. She consistently smiles at people who talk and play with her now.

Another recent tantrum from Lauren. She pulled the hood down and refused to come out.

More cutie smiles from Ashley.

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