Friday, January 11, 2013

Lauren's Tantrums

Poor Lauren. She has truly hit her "terrible twos" and has a hard time communicating with us.  To compensate, she has learned the art of tantrums...

Tantrum #1: she pulled the stroller down and cried into it.

Tantrum #2: she refused to come out from under the kids table.

Tantrum #3: She got mad at the bike for not letting go of her jacket (it was caught) and refused to get up off the floor.

For a couple recent nights, I've gone in to check on Lauren and discovered that she had removed her own pants and diaper before falling asleep.

Tantrum #4: she refused to get up off the floor and kicked her legs.

Tantrum #5: Lauren's tantrum face looks like this.

Tantrum #6: She covered herself with my clothes and refused to move. When I tried to move the clothes off of her, she indignantly grabbed them back and put them over her face again.

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