Monday, January 7, 2013

Wang Gang in the New Year

The Wang Gang has been having quite a beginning to 2013!  Below are select happenings so far...

Video 425 - It's so lovely that, at 2 months old, Ashley is beginning to really smile and coo at me. Here she is looking very alertly back at me and making small cooing sounds. 

Video 426 - Now that Lauren and Michael are over 2 years old, they are beginning to play and interact with each other.  In this video, Lauren copies Michael by falling over and then giggling.

Video 427 - Watch  and listen as Natalie and Nicholas have a pillow fight together during a sleep-over at our place. They are giggling the whole time and it makes me laugh to watch this video.

Video 428 - It's so great to see my three girls playing together so nicely even though they are only 5 years, 2 years and 2 months.  Love it!

Ashley is getting fatter and changing every day.  She still seems to enjoy a good swaddle (arms only since she always manages to kick her legs free).

My three lovely girls playing together (see above video).

Sisters reading together.  Now that Natalie is beginning to learn to read, she enjoys reading and making up stories for Lauren.

Sisters hug!  Thanks again to Amy and Dave for the super cute Christmas outfits.

Ashley has begun to talk and smile at us.  I love it!  See above video.

Thanks to Carol Yee-yee for bringing Natalie to Disneyland where she spent the day with her cousins Nicholas and Michael.  Here they are enjoying lunch in the magical kingdom.

I was so surprised to hear that Natalie voluntarily ran out and grabbed a wand when the children were invited to participate in the parade.  So brave, Natalie!

Natalie and Nicholas were super excited to show me their "driver's license" they received after driving cars at Disneyland.

The next day, Clark and I brought Natalie, Nicholas and Lauren to Ocean Park.  Here Nicholas is bravely touching a starfish.

Both Natalie and Lauren also had a chance to touch a starfish.

The three munchkins were so cute looking at all the fish tanks together.

It started to drizzle so we escaped for an early lunch of BBQ pork rice.

After lunch, it was pouring rain so Clark ran out to buy rain jackets for us. The kids each had their own kid-sized ocean park umbrellas.  

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