Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wrap-up of 2012

Happy New Year!  We have more than a few photos from events from 2012.  Now that it's the new year, here's a catch-up of pics and videos from "last year". 

Video 422 - Finally, she seems to have learned how to drink water from a cup without spilling most of it on herself - yay Lauren!

Video 423 - Natalie went to Ocean Park with Clark and waved hi to me while on one of her favorite rides.  She also went to Disneyland with Carol yee-yee and then again to Ocean Park with Clark and I.  Making the most of her season's pass!

Video 424 - Lauren almost developed bronchitis and had to get steam treatments at the doctor.  She was very well behaved and helped to hold the steam tube.

At one point, Ashley's foot was the same size as Clark's big toe.

Natalie made "food art" at school.

I took Natalie out for tea time a couple times while Lauren enjoyed an afternoon nap. She loves eating toast with butter and condensed milk and drinking ovaltine.

We attended Ava's 3rd birthday party. Somehow, Natalie and Nicholas wormed their way to be in front of the cake during the birthday song.

Lauren was very well behaved and spent about 20 minutes sitting in Mandy Yee-yee's chair and drinking water.

We continue to take Natalie to her phototherapy sessions. At the last session, Dr. Chan confirmed that there is noticeable progress with the treatments and we've decided to continue them into the new year.

Ashley continues to grow and get cuter every day.

We took Natalie and Lauren to an indian buffet with JC, Que, Scarlett and Juan.

I took a nap on Natalie's lap while in the taxi.

Lauren likes to crawl into bed with me when she wakes up in the morning. She says "Pei pei" (blanket) and I help her up and share my pillow with her.

Well after Hallowe'en, when it started to get cold, Ashley asked to put on the pink monster outfit, and so she did.

 Ashley was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and required steam treatments every 4 hours, poor girl.

Lauren almost developed bronchitis and we steamed her as well.  Only Natalie managed to remain healthy during that one week in December (even Clark and I were sick!)

Lauren enjoys drinking water from a cup by herself. She (almost) doesn't spill any water on herself.

Thanks for Amy and Dave for the super cute outfits for the kiddies for Christmas.  Lauren loves her bear jacket and likes to admire herself in the elevator mirror on our way out.

We went to jumpin' gym where Lauren enjoyed playing in the Doraemon machine (without coins) and refused to leave. 

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