Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of Feb wrap-up

Video 447 - Lauren loves how much attention her big belly gets, especially after she's eaten a big meal.  Here she is doing her version of a "belly dance".

Video 448 - Lauren really loves this blue toy phone she found in the playroom.  It can hang around her neck on a string and she can make pretend phone calls any time she wants. Here she is talking to... her daddy Clark and telling him "Lauren play Dora... 2 minutes."

Lauren and her toy camera.

I am amazed at Natalie's beautiful painting of me and Clark.  She was super proud and excited to do the big "reveal" of her portrait of us.

Drum head Natalie.

Drum head Lauren.

Funny faces with Clark.

Really funny faces.

Lazy Ashley licking the bed instead of lifting her head during tummy time.

Natalie's cool wafer sunglasses. She made them herself!

Girls enjoying time at the park.  They can play together for hours.

A sweet note I found on my door in the morning :)

Lauren's post-meal big belly.

Natalie and Ashley.

My three girls.

Natalie and Lauren waiting for Clark to come home from work in the lobby.

The girls love spending quality time with their daddy Clark.

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