Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Video 440 - Listen to baby girl Ashley giggling. She's started to make little giggle sounds a week ago, but only recently has it become recognizable as baby giggles :)

Looks like Natalie is having a great time in Taipei and doing so many new things and having so many new experiences, including riding behind Yeh-yeh's bicycle.

She also helped Ba-ba to play mahjong on Chinese New Year's eve.  Clark says she really enjoyed helping to match the tiles together.

In Hong Kong, we managed to snap the below photos of Lauren in a pretty pink dress and Ashley in her bumbo-sitter (thanks Dangs!).

Same expression. 

Later that morning, cousins Vanessa and Victoria came over to play and hang out.  Here they are enjoying a spaghetti lunch.  Lauren totally has "spaghetti sauce mouth".

Just realized, Ashley and her uncle Dennis has the same hair style!

Also, spotted a little baby wedgie.  Keep in mind this is through thick cotton pants and a diaper!

We went to the park to play and cousin Vanessa helped Lauren climb into the whale.

The cousins all love babies and they really enjoyed playing with Ashley who is now bigger and more interactive.

Ashley really enjoyed playing with Lisa yee-yee and also giggled out loud with her.  Watch Video 441 of Lisa making Ashley giggle out loud.

And even later in the day (and into early evening), we visited the Huas for some play-time and snacks.  Watch Video 442 of Lauren playing a toy guitar. I didn't even know she knew what a guitar was!  When auntie VIP put the guitar over her head and she started to strum, I was so surprised :)

Besides all the other activities available at Hua's Playland, Lauren also really enjoyed playing with uncle Juan who helped her ride the bicycle and later, carried her down the hill to a taxi.

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