Friday, February 8, 2013

While Natalie's away, the little sisters play...

So what's Lauren and Ashley been up to while jeh-jeh Natalie's been in Taiwan?

Video 436 - We received a letter from Lauren's school asking parents to come and watch a brief "CNY Dragon Dance" by the children 15 minutes before school ended. It was great to watch the older kids dance while the younger nursery kids (including Lauren) shook rattles and banged on drums.

Video 437 - Watch Lauren pushing a stroller around. She's too short to see over the edge, but our little Miss. Independent loves to do things "by herself". She's really pleased when we let her try and do things herself :)

Video 438 - Lauren is still learning her colors, but is definitely getting the hang of them! See her doing a colors puzzle.

See Video 439 - Baby Ashley has a really cute and gentle little complaining cry

Ashley has been busy drinking milk, pooping, sleeping and growing.

Lauren has been trying on hats.

And making silly faces.

Ashley has received a bath every day.  She has learned to love bathing and kicks her feet throughout the whole process every time.

The kids have hung out with Tuti, our new helper. 

Ashley has really begun to enjoy her swinging chair, courtesy of the Huas (thanks, guys!)

She's been getting chubbier and smilier every day :)

See the double chin and droopy cheeks forming.

Lauren likes to hang out with me on our bed and play "pei pei".  We play "This Little Piggy" and she actually likes to do it on my toes now!

Ashley got her toenails cut for the first time.  They were getting just a bit long...

Lauren continued to go to school and had her last-day-before-CNY-day on Thursday where the students were asked to dress up in traditional or red clothes.

After participating in the Dragon Dance put on by students from her school, Lauren took this great photo with her mandarin teacher.

She doesn't like posing for pictures now and will purposely look away from the camera.  Here she is with our helper Suparti.

Lauren also accompanied me and Clark to CityPlaza mall today where we shopped at Uniqlo and ate a Ruby Tuesday lunch.

While Natalie has been away, Lauren has been the "big sister" at home.  Here she is giving her little sister Ashley a hug.

Ashley likes to "go out" once in a while.  Here she is with Tuti when we went to pick up Lauren from school together.

Here is Lauren in her position with her music shakers before the dragon dance begins. 

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