Friday, March 22, 2013

To Debunk or Confirm a Theory

Many people say that shaving a baby's head will make the hair grow thicker and faster. Sorry Ashley, we figure you wouldn't mind if we try a little experiment on you since you're super cute no matter what your hair style. 

Video 458 - Ashley giggling and laughing with her new haircut.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Natalie Kung-Fu Inspired School Performance

Video 457 Today Natalie's class performed a kung-fu inspired dance at the school performance. As usual, there were so many parents there and full parental mosh pit was in effect. I couldn't even get in and had to watch and film the performance from outside the door and through a window.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I'm probably biased, but I think Ashley has the cutest smile ever.

I love waking up to her smiles.

Ashley with Lisa yee-yee

Ashley laughing with Lisa yee-yee.

Ashley "playing" with Scarlett.  As Scarlett reaches for Ashley's nose, you can see her mommy JC's hand moving in for the interception.

Ashley, your eyes are open so big. This is something no parent wants to see at two in the morning.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Videos: Ashley smiles and complains, Lauren pretending to read, Natalie and cousins

Video 451 - While waiting a taxi, both girls had a chance to play with balloons we got from the FunZone visit.  Unfortunately for the girls, but fortunately for me, no balloons made it intact back home.

Video 452 - Ashley is becoming more aware now and instead of simply crying for things she needs, she has begun to complain for things that she wants. Smart girl!

Video 453 - Although Ashley does occasionally giggle, she still mainly just gives us huge smiles whenever we smile at or play with her.

Video 454 - Lauren likes to pretend to read her own story while copying Clark or I as we read a book to big sister Natalie.  She does this every night.

Video 455 - When Lauren says words with R's in them, she replaces the R sound with a W.  Had to catch it on camera before she learns the proper pronunciation!

Video 456 - Now that Natalie and her cousin Vanessa and Victoria are older, they talk a lot together and it's really fun to see their interactions with each other.  It's also really hard to catch "natural" interaction on camera unless they're not paying attention, like in this video (until later).

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Great to be Home

Since taking a break from work, I have really loved being at home with the kids.  I can spend so much more time with them and it's very fulfilling and rewarding being a mom to my girls! 

Morning with the two young girls after big sis has left for school.

Natalie loves to color now. We recently bought her a 96 crayola crayon set which she loves.

Lauren was super surprised and happy when big sister Natalie picked her up from school.

Ashley enjoying a play date with her friend Emily.

Emily's 2 months older and can army crawl already!

Ashley a bit cross-eyed while napping.

Lauren in my PJs.

Natalie in my PJs.  She tells me she looks like Aladdin's carpet.

Can you find Clark?  (Hint: he's pretending to sleep somewhere)

Natalie was braver than me when riding the ferris wheel at Ocean Park.

Lauren is too fascinated by the parrot to pose for a photo.

Lazy morning weekend with the family.

Ashley's play date at her friend Scarlett's house.  She didn't like being put down when I took the photo.

Lauren loved playing in the tubes found at Frite's play area.

Natalie liked playing in the tubes, too and showed Lauren how it's done.

Lauren posing for pics.

Ashley is getting chubbier. My arm was sore after carrying her over lunch. 

She is becoming a bigger girl now and can enjoy her exersaucer.

Thoughtful Natalie.

Lauren enjoying time with Serena yee-yee.

Me and Natalie at dim sum.


Potato head Ashley looking alert.

Ashley hanging with her friend Scarlett and some yee-yees.

Scarlett is 5 months old and much bigger :)

Ashley enjoying time cuddled on Vivo's lap.

Ashley loves facing outward on the sling - so much to see!

Love Ashley's "alert" look.

Natalie and her cousins Vanessa and Victoria participating at the Shakespeare pop-up event last weekend.

Lisa and the 5 girls. 

We are cat-sitting and turtle-sitting this week.  The girls love it.

Lauren looking cool with her shades on during Natalie's phototherapy session.

Natalie's shades are stick on.

Good morning, Ashley!

Lauren smiling after a tantrum on the floor of the hallway.

Ashley and Lauren cuddles.

I love Ashley's smile.