Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Hanging Around and Happenings

Video 468 - It's super cute to watch how much my girls enjoy each other.  Watch as Natalie makes Ashley giggle loudly while Lauren watches (and giggles) along.

Ashley's hair continues to grow in.  You can see that the left side is catching up!

Lauren was very pleased with her booger bubbles.

Lauren riding the play horse at the park.

Lauren trying a swing. I think this is her first time!  She didn't like it.

Cousin Vanessa being silly.

Natalie enjoying time with her cousins at Taikoo park.

Victoria's secret talent - playing in a full, pretty dress.

Natalie selected her own toy at Toys R' Us when Por-por was visiting.  Of course she picked the biggest one she could find!

Ashley sitting alertly beside me in her bumbo. She occasionally likes to keep me company while I'm on the computer.

My three girls hanging out together on Natalie's bed.

Ashley the crazy toy eating monster.

Ashley looked cute and confused while out-and-about with me in her sling.

Ashley meets uncle Brad for the first time.  A secret Giants fan is revealed.  

The smallest diaper bag in the world.  Third baby... I don't sweat the small stuff anymore :)

 Natalie had a virus and was dopey throughout her phototherapy session.

Clark and I taking the kids out to the park together.  They really love playing together now (well, except for Ashley).

Lauren loves using her training chopsticks and eating "jee gay" (by herself in Cantonese).

Natalie totally surprised us when she creatively drew juggling balls on this ant picture.  We love it!

 Clark feeding Ashley with Natalie's help. 

Natalie loves to help care for Ashley, too.

 This was taken 2 days ago - progress on Ashley's uneven hair growth. Still too early to make any judgment on whether shaving a baby's head works or not to lengthen and thicken hair.

Ava making Ashley smile - so cute!

Looks like Natalie and her class had a great time visiting the Science Museum on Monday.

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