Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March stragglers

Whoops, I didn't quite clean out all the March videos and photos from my phone.  Here are the stragglers from March 2013.

Video 462 - Somehow, my mom managed to get Lauren to go down the big red slide by herself.  I love how big cousin Vanessa takes such good care of Lauren, too.

Video 463 - Watch Ashley roll over

Video 464 - Lauren likes to push people and call then naughty.

Lauren time-out.

Natalie says she's upside-down in a taxi.

Scarlett enjoying Funzone with her mommy.

Lauren and friend Scarlett playing in the ball pit at Funzone.

Lauren is Vanessa's doll. She dressed them up.

Lauren is big cousin Vanessa's doll.

Me and 5 girls.

Cousins strolling the mall.

Yummy plate.  This is what happens when your parents forget to bring any toys.

Baby Gaga

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