Monday, April 1, 2013

March Wrap-Up

This month, we saw quite a few more tantrums from Lauren. She loves to tell people to "Go home!" and call them "Naughty boy!".  Natalie continues to pick up reading and is almost reading on her own!  We've also been baking quite a bit (mixes, of course, not from scratch) including Cinnabon slices and brownies. Ashley has half her head shaved and has learned to growl, roll over, and grab for toys that are in front of her.

Video 459 - See Lauren run

Video 460 - Lauren likes to go fast. Watch Lauren's face as Clark pushes her on a toy car. She says, "One more time!"

Video 461 - Listen to Ashley growling.  She loves to do this all the time now!

What no parents wants to see at two o'clock in the morning.

Lauren is learning to enjoy reading from her big sister, Natalie.

Jackie yee-yee, Scarlet, Tracy, Natalie and Lauren's hands on the playground table.

Lauren loving the homemade guava popsicle.

I love my girls!


  1. Ashley's so big!! In the picture you are holding all 3 girls, Ashley's head looks bigger than Lauren's and Natalie's!

  2. Lauren you crack me up with your tantrum photos and Ash your mohawk is still so cute!