Tuesday, April 9, 2013


From April 4 to 7, Natalie and I took a trip to Taiwan to visit Carol yee-yee and her family, along with Lisa yee-yee, Vanessa and Victoria.  Although it rained, we all had a great time.  While the kids played together in the apartment, at Baby Boss, at Hello Kitty Cafe and at a hot pot restaurant, the adults enjoyed hairwashes and massages and just hanging out together and catching up. 

Video 465 - Natalie was super excited to be cooking her own food for the first time at a hot pot restaurant in Taiwan. She selected her own raw foods (dumplings, fish balls, broccoli and noodles) and, using a chopstick and netted spoon, cooked everything in her own little pot of clear soup and ate it up!


  1. Thanks for visiting! We loved it and hope you can come again....soon! I have some photos that I'll send over.

  2. must be so much fun playing pretend!!