Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Schools, Sisters, Friends, Sleeping, and Bubbles at the park

Here Lauren poses with a flyer for her new school next year. Congrats on getting accepted, Lauren!

This year, big sister Natalie graduates from Kindergarten. Congrats, Natalie!

More importantly than school, Natalie helped me to wrap the loot gifts for her coming birthday party. 

Ashley helping to celebrate Scarlett's one-year birthday.

Lauren and Natalie attracted a lot of attention from other kids while playing bubbles at the park.

 Natalie's new pink clip-on braids.

Lauren hiding.

Kids playing in the play room with Clark.

Lauren taking a shower.

Lauren is very independent when playing at the park.

Last week, we baked ice cream bread.

Lauren play date with her friend Olivia.  

Natalie giving Ashley a hug.

My three girls.

This is not a tantrum.

She is actually sleeping!  Not sure how Lauren ended up on the floor hugging a chair to sleep tho...

Since we took the camera out, here's a pic of Ashley sleeping.

 And Natalie sleeping.

Lauren loves playing under the parachute at Soccer Tots.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Videos of Giggles, Running, Crying and more

As our little ones continue to become slightly bigger ones, it's fun to watch them interact with us, with their friends, and with each other. See videos below.

Video 482 - Lauren loves to play with other kids -- she is definitely a people person! She quickly became friends with Olivia and here they are laughing together as they play on the plush see-saw in the Belcher's clubhouse play room.

Video 483 - Ashley has the cutest little laugh.  She's also a bit ticklish.  See and hear her laughing as I tickle her.

Video 484 - Ashley also has the saddest little cry. She squeezes her eyes shut and makes a very sad wail when unhappy in her exersaucer.

Video 485 - For some reason, both Natalie and Lauren are the two people who can consistently make their baby sister Ashley happy and giggle out loud. It's very cute to watch :)

Video 486 - We love how Lauren runs, with her hair swinging side to side and arms pumping. I encouraged Natalie and Lauren to run up the sidewalk to our apartment after time at the park together.

Video 487 - This is a video only family members may appreciate because it's just the girls playing together in the playroom. Ashley is learning to crawl and I love how sweet big sister Natalie is with her little sister :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rain day at Parkview

It was a rain day (black rain!) yesterday and so the girls had the day off school and enjoyed almost a full day at Parkview with our friends Debbie yee-yee, Olivia, Sophie and Emily.  They also have three girls so everyone had a friend to play with.  

Video 481 - Here are the four big girls going down the slide together.  I love how Natalie looks back to check on Lauren. She is a really caring big sister.

Debbie managed to snap this miracle photo of the 6 of them all looking at the camera and smiling.

Cookies!  I'm actually eating one now as I type this blog post :)

Sophie kindly helping Lauren to put on her boots.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Weekend!

We just had a great long weekend here in HK. On Friday We went to Ocean Park and on Saturday, Natalie had her kindergarten graduation!

Putting our new double stroller to good use!

The weather was hot and rainy. Good thing the girls had their umbrellas and rain boots!

For break time Natalie enjoyed a chocolate muffin. 

And Lauren loves her milk!

On Saturday was Natalie's big day! Her kindergarten graduation. 

We're so proud of her!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring is here! Early May happenings both indoors and out.

Look who can sit up by herself!  Ashley can balance upright for about 20 seconds before toppling over.

Lauren and Natalie coloring at dim sum with me while waiting for our food to arrive. 

The girls playing together in the playroom under the watchful eye of Tuti.

Ashley looking at me with her big eyes while slung in the ergo carrier.

Lauren, what hairy legs and big feet you have!

Ashley loves to read eat books.

Lauren has overcome her fear and now loves the automatic rides in Chifu mall.

Looks who's rocking on her hands and knees.  Crawling to come soon.

Lauren and Ashley playing in the morning before Lauren's school.

Play date at Belcher's playroom.  Lauren loves playing with her new friend Olivia.

Lauren hugging baby Yellow to sleep.

Ashley is looking big!

Ashley's sad face.  She even has a few tears on her cheek...

After packing gift bags for a coming party, Natalie also helped to throw out the garbage.

Look who wrote her first book!  It's about the environment and includes chinese words and pictures.

We've signed both Natalie and Lauren up for soccer.  Let's see how it goes!