Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Wrap-up

Love hanging with my girls in bed.

Scarlett (11 months) jealous of her daddy Que carrying Ashley.

Natalie's first splinter (a plastic sliver sticking out from beside her nail).

Play date with our neighbours Yannis and Hura (sorry, may be wrong spelling).

Ashley enjoying FaceTime with Por-por.

Lauren was feeling delicate and enjoyed some comfort from ba-ba Clark.

Lauren walking in the rain after school.

Lauren was being naughty so we fed her to big sister Natalie.

This is what Natalie and Clark calls "Potato head" face.

Ashley enjoying her first teething biscuit.

Natalie and Lauren enjoying a ride on the Ba-ba ride.

Bookazine book reading event. 

Do you know this girl?

Ashley not enjoying her 6 month appointment at the doctor.

Natalie still likes to carry Ashley even though Ashley is much heavier.

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