Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Schools, Sisters, Friends, Sleeping, and Bubbles at the park

Here Lauren poses with a flyer for her new school next year. Congrats on getting accepted, Lauren!

This year, big sister Natalie graduates from Kindergarten. Congrats, Natalie!

More importantly than school, Natalie helped me to wrap the loot gifts for her coming birthday party. 

Ashley helping to celebrate Scarlett's one-year birthday.

Lauren and Natalie attracted a lot of attention from other kids while playing bubbles at the park.

 Natalie's new pink clip-on braids.

Lauren hiding.

Kids playing in the play room with Clark.

Lauren taking a shower.

Lauren is very independent when playing at the park.

Last week, we baked ice cream bread.

Lauren play date with her friend Olivia.  

Natalie giving Ashley a hug.

My three girls.

This is not a tantrum.

She is actually sleeping!  Not sure how Lauren ended up on the floor hugging a chair to sleep tho...

Since we took the camera out, here's a pic of Ashley sleeping.

 And Natalie sleeping.

Lauren loves playing under the parachute at Soccer Tots.

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