Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Videos of Giggles, Running, Crying and more

As our little ones continue to become slightly bigger ones, it's fun to watch them interact with us, with their friends, and with each other. See videos below.

Video 482 - Lauren loves to play with other kids -- she is definitely a people person! She quickly became friends with Olivia and here they are laughing together as they play on the plush see-saw in the Belcher's clubhouse play room.

Video 483 - Ashley has the cutest little laugh.  She's also a bit ticklish.  See and hear her laughing as I tickle her.

Video 484 - Ashley also has the saddest little cry. She squeezes her eyes shut and makes a very sad wail when unhappy in her exersaucer.

Video 485 - For some reason, both Natalie and Lauren are the two people who can consistently make their baby sister Ashley happy and giggle out loud. It's very cute to watch :)

Video 486 - We love how Lauren runs, with her hair swinging side to side and arms pumping. I encouraged Natalie and Lauren to run up the sidewalk to our apartment after time at the park together.

Video 487 - This is a video only family members may appreciate because it's just the girls playing together in the playroom. Ashley is learning to crawl and I love how sweet big sister Natalie is with her little sister :)


  1. Love the videos and miss the girls! Ashley is so sad in the exersaucer.... :(
    Last video doesn't work for me (?) (Video 487)