Thursday, May 2, 2013

Videos of the girls

Natalie Videos

Video 473 - I am so impressed with how far Natalie's reading and writing skills have come since we started her at Enopi. It's a bonus that she really seems to enjoy learning to read, too.  Here she is completing some writing homework.

Video 474 - More homework completion. She is doing this without any coaching, just a bit of encouragement.

Lauren Videos

Video 475 - It's so sweet that almost every morning Lauren will come into my room, say "gud morning mommy" and climb into bed with me. Sometimes we doze together, sometimes I tell her stories, sometimes big sister Natalie joins us, sometimes we play "surprise", and sometimes we like to sing together. Lauren's current favourite songs are "Lu la la" and "Opi sana".

Video 476 - Every time it rains, Lauren will run to the front door and say, "Need under-brella!"  Most of the time, we tell her she can't go out, but today, we put on some boots and went for a walk together.

Video 477 - Sometimes when I turn around, I am surprised to see Lauren quietly sitting on the sofa and reading a book by herself.

Video 478 - Lauren loooooves to hide under a blanket and then pop out and yell surprise.  This is especially funny because she always counts loudly under the blanket to six before flipping the blanket open.

Video 479 - Lauren loves being power bombed by her ba-ba and will ask to do it over and over again until we say "No more!"

Ashley Video

Video 480 - Ashley loves her exersaucer and can spend a lot of time in it.  She has mastered the art of playing with each of the toys and can even turn herself around to find the toy she most likes. She's also begun to build up strength in her legs by using the exersaucer seat to jump up and down.

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