Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June catch-up - Videos and Photos

Taking photos from different cameras means suddenly finding extra videos and photos well after they have been taken.  Here are some treasures (photos found on old camera) and recent videos from June.


Video 497 - Whenever you pick Ashley up, or whenever she's happy about something, she kicks her legs. Here she is doing her "happy" dance. So blessed to have such a cheerful, happy child :)

Video 498 - Ashley loves to crawl over and hang out beside my desk chair while I'm working on the computer. I leave some files on the floor under the desk and here she is helping me to file them.

Video 499 - Lauren has become very good at feeding herself. See her enthusiastically eat rice with a spoon out of a bowl. She's learned to lean over the bowl so it doesn't end up all over her clothes and chair and the floor.

Video 500 - First, watch how much love Lauren has for Ashley. And then, see Lauren get defensive when a little boy comes closer to Ashley's stroller.

Video 501 - While attending a classmate's birthday party, Natalie almost didn't even want to try the big slide. But after going down it once, she couldn't stop! She and her friends must have climbed up the stairs and slid down the slide 20 times.

Video 502 - Ashley has the cutest little plaintive cry whenever her toys are taken away from her. I love how protective Lauren is and immediately helps to give the toys back to her.


As of today, Lauren has only 2 more days of school left at our favorite kindergarten. 

Hard to believe but Lauren can name every single child in her class.

On Natalie's actual birthday, we had a small family celebration with Sift cupcakes at home.

Ashley is a little explorer.

Lauren is very flexible.

She loves her blue knapsack bag.

Lauren also loves her little sister Ashley.

Ashley is a very happy baby.

Natalie helps me cook by washing veggies.

Natalie helps me cook by cutting up sausages.

Yes, that's a real knife.  She cubed 4 sausages by herself and did a neat job of it.

Natalie helps me cook by stirring the pot.

Ashley is my little helper.

Can you find Natalie at a classmate's birthday party?

Pushing Ashley to pick up Lauren from school.

Pushing Ashley and Lauren to pick up Natalie from the school bus stop.

Pushing Ashley, Lauren and Natalie home.

Flushed faces and hair sticking to their faces -- yup, it was hot day out at soccer make-up class.

Natalie and Lauren facetime with Ashley.

Lauren helps Ashley to assemble a small stool.

Ashley's squishy face

Babies have their own little personalities. Ashley loves to squeeze her eyes shut and her mouth into a pout whenever she's unhappy about something.  We call it her squishy face. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life's a Beach

On Sunday morning, we took the kids to the beach along with the Dang family. Something about the sand and surf keeps the kids busy. Natalie is standing beside me right now as I type asking "When can we go to the beach again?"

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Perfect Day for a Swim

Today was a perfect afternoon for a swim!  The three girls (including Ashley who stayed 20 min) enjoyed the warm weather and the sun by spending over an hour swimming and splashing in the water together.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beautiful Smiles!

While big sister Natalie has her smile always ready...

Out dear little Lauren sometimes has a bit of trouble finding the perfect smile!

Friday, June 14, 2013

End of May, Early June Photos and Videos

Video 493 - Lauren loves it when it rains because then she can go out with her umbrella and sing "Rain rain go away" song.

Video 494 - Introducing our new double stroller :)  Natalie loves it, too.  Not only can she push her two sisters around, but she also fits on the back seat, too.

Video 495 - Lauren loves to hide and then "surprise!" people.  She's also hit the age where she is adverse to having photos and videos taken of her.  She can really communicate with us now, which makes her a happier child :)

Video 496 - Here's an idea of how the girls sometimes fight with each other. I love Natalie's classic line "You're not even bleeding!" when Lauren cries.

Poor Lauren was so upset when we all laughed really hard at her wearing this swim cap with her eyes pulled down.

Mosquito bite on Lauren's eye.

Mommy and Lauren enjoying tea time together at Fairwood. I ate the whole porkchop bun. Lauren finished the entire bowl of noodles AND the duck meat.