Friday, June 14, 2013

End of May, Early June Photos and Videos

Video 493 - Lauren loves it when it rains because then she can go out with her umbrella and sing "Rain rain go away" song.

Video 494 - Introducing our new double stroller :)  Natalie loves it, too.  Not only can she push her two sisters around, but she also fits on the back seat, too.

Video 495 - Lauren loves to hide and then "surprise!" people.  She's also hit the age where she is adverse to having photos and videos taken of her.  She can really communicate with us now, which makes her a happier child :)

Video 496 - Here's an idea of how the girls sometimes fight with each other. I love Natalie's classic line "You're not even bleeding!" when Lauren cries.

Poor Lauren was so upset when we all laughed really hard at her wearing this swim cap with her eyes pulled down.

Mosquito bite on Lauren's eye.

Mommy and Lauren enjoying tea time together at Fairwood. I ate the whole porkchop bun. Lauren finished the entire bowl of noodles AND the duck meat.

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