Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Full zoo alert!

It's the beginning of summer which means the kids will soon again be attending summer camp in Toronto.  Before we fly off, we enjoyed five fun days with cousins Nicholas and Michael, and Carol yee-yee and uncle Dave in Hong Kong.  Of course, this meant FULL ZOO in the house on the weekends :)  Here are some last snaps of our time in Hong Kong before the summer.

 Full zoo alert!

First, a play date at the Manhattan with Susannie and her kids Clara, Peyton and William.

Look what arrived for Lauren and Natalie - their first magazine subscription with National Geographic kids.

There's something dwelling under my desk.

 Full zoo descends on Funzone.

For a little guy (only 2.5 years old), he sure is a bed hog!

Breakfast of champions.

Turtle watching.

Ashley snuck in her 9-month check-up at the doctors.  Look what I caught her doing.  Yup, she's at the age where everything goes in her mouth first, no questions asked.

Carol gets a sweet good-bye leg-hugs from Michael, Nicholas and Lauren.

At Central library, the younger kids were busy pulling books off the shelf and directly piling them around the return-book-bin. 

Lauren has developed a real affinity for her lovely Carol yee-yee.

Taking a break before dinner.

Michael can make Ashley giggle.

One early morning, after Natalie went off to school, I took the kids to the park and brought my coffee and breakfast with me.

Michael is a brave climber.

Washing their hands in the pool water drippy thingy.

Vicky and Ashley at Funzone.

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  1. It's nice to see all the cousins back together again!