Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great Canadian Summer (week 1)

We love Canadian summers!

We had a very very busy week 1. 

Starting at the airport waiting for our flight to toronto. 

On the plane with baba. 

Hello Canada! Beautiful sunset. 

Giant pancakes!

Strawberry picking. 

And eating...

And more eating...

Bike riding. 

Quick trip to the library to pick up some books (16!) for the cottage. 

Woohoo on our way to the cottage with a packed van!

We've arrived. What a beautiful view!

Enjoying the sunset. 

Good morning world!

Home made waterside!

Splash pad!

Yummy chocolate chip pancakes!

Nature's playground. 

Kids, bikes and bubbles!

Splash pool in the sunset. 

More bubble fun!

Morning craft time. 

Petting zoo. 

And pony rides. 

And roasted marshmallows at the fire pit. 

Oh Canada! We love your summers!

1 comment:

  1. Olivia is so jealous that you get to ride a pony Nat! Hope you guys had fun in cottage country, looks so nice to be in the great outdoors.