Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Out and about, face time snapshots, and more Ashley photos and videos

Video 503 - Baby Ashley has learned to wave "hello" and "good-bye".  In this video, you can see she loves doing it so much still sit-up and use her new-found waving skills to interact with me and her big sister Natalie.

Video 504 - Lauren was naughty again and got yet another time out.  See how curious Ashley is as she crawls up to her big sister and tries to pat her.

Video 505 - Ashley has become very proficient at pulling herself along the floor.  She's so fast, I'm not sure she will ever learn to crawl "properly" on hands and knees because I'm not sure whether crawling properly would be any faster...

Ashley looking sincerely cute.

Ashley loves bath time.

Ashley with her two favourite things -- her thumb and blankie.

Ashley curiously visits big sis Lauren during her time out.

Me and the three girls taking the mini-bus to town.

Natalie and Lauren watch the sushi chefs make their dinner.

Natalie loves to read!  We went to the public library and she loved it.

Big sister Natalie helping Lauren to brush her teeth. 

While in Beijing, I missed the girls and we FaceTime'd together every day.

Ashley was sad whenever the iPad was taken away from her. 

Back home, the next day, look who made "breakfast" for me :)

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