Friday, July 12, 2013

The Hair Experiment

You may have heard that shaving a baby's head will promote faster, stronger and thicker hair growth. In an (admittedly controversial) attempt to either prove or debunk the theory, I shaved the left side of Ashley's head when she was just over 5 months old. Here's how her hair growth has progressed over the past 3 months. I wonder what will happen in the coming months?

Day before the half-shave. Happily, Ashley doesn't know what's coming...

Ashley's new look. She doesn't seem to mind it at all!

Until other people started asking "What the heck happened to her hair?!"

The back view. Yup, it's completely half gone.

Ashley's hair at one week post shave.

At 10 days.

10 days.

2 weeks.

At one month - the front is still noticeably different.

At one month - the back, however, is catching up fast!

1.5 months - Still uneven at the front.

 8 weeks - The very front is beginning to show some growth. Well done, front hair! 

8 weeks - The top is coming in.

9 weeks - the back is almost totally caught up.

9 weeks - from this angle, both sides look even! Hard to believe that less than 3 months of growth on the left side managed to catch up to 8 months of growth on the right side! Maybe there is something about this theory...

2.5 months - I've finally stopped getting comments from random strangers about her hair.

2.5 months - looking good! Almost even at the front, too.

 2.5 months - front hair is still slightly more sparse. The back almost looks longer on the left...

2.5 months - back of the head is totally even

 3 months - The hair has all caught up! Arguably, the top left actually has more hair than the top right (especially near the front). 

3 months - left side (shaved side). She sleeps on her tummy and sucks her right thumb so usually sleeps on the left side of her head.

3 months - right side (unshaved side)

3 months - the back is almost totally even. Now the real test is... will the left side grow faster or thicker than the right side? More updates to come...

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  1. Haha Ash you'll forgive your mommy one day for making you be a guinea pig!